To urinal or not to urinal conclusion of my experiment of equality

I have been searching the internet so I can buy a urinal for when we renovate our bathroom.
If women and builders can put his and her sinks in bathrooms then I should be able to put a urinal in my bathroom to show respect for my life partners needs.

It is disgusting how women control bathrooms in houses when their partner is an opposite sex who happens to have a penis!!

And when women give birth to a child with a penis… urinal in the house for them either.
Even potty training a child with a penis relies on sitting but with a little cover over on it for the child’s penis!

What about a potty that is an actual urinal……

My experiment that I have done lifting the toilet seat everything I have finished in the bathroom, I feel has been a success.

It is natural habit now and I feel so much more that we have a shared bathroom that has respect and no female control.

Now if I could just find a nice urinal to put on the wall would be great but looks like I am going to have to try an make one.

Then I will have to explain to the potter who has a kiln what I am doing before I ask them to fire it in their kiln for me!