What am I?
Extreme visual-spatial woman.

Just one.
What am I on the inside?
I will try to tell you.

To feel the beat of music, through the earth,
as it is the heartbeat, of its very soul.
To feel the warmth of the earth during a hot day and the slow decrease in the heat
as the earth breathes a sigh.
To smell the soil and the grass, after a heavy dew.

To taste the dew, of a morning sunrise.
To feel a lovers arm, as warm as the earth, as moist as the dew, and with the taste of a sunrise.

To feel the wind sighing its name over your skin.
To feel the coolness on the hairs of your skin
as they move to the song.
To hear the songs of the world,
in the wind as it blows
rustling the leaves in a tree
and the petals on the ground.
To taste the souls of humanity, as it passes over every corner of the earth and the wind collects you.
To feel the touch of a lover, as tender as the breeze but as fierce as a storm.

To feel the fire in the sun, burning on your skin, but also the cold force of the moon, on a clear moonlit night.
To feel the fire, enter your soul
and warm you to the depths.
To feel the fire of the passion, to live, breathe and just being.
To feel the heat, from within, as well as from without, with the heat of a lovers touch.


To lay in a creek and feel the fresh, clear water, flowing over your body, tingling over your skin and into your soul.
To feel the washing away of the dust and the pain of the world, so as to renew your soul.
To feel the water talking as it babbles by.
To feel the heart of the universe, beating against the shore, with the passion of the stars, moon and sun.
To feel a lovers being, washing over you and holding your soul, as a part of his own
and his yours.

I am part of the earth, the being
and the soul of the world.
I am not mother earth but a daughter on a quest for the inner being and someone to share with.
I will find content in a lovers arms
and the earth’s arms.
Then I will be able to return to my abode.

With the contentment of being, a part returned to the whole, loved and the light will shine glorious from our being.
I am not God,
I am human.
I am not mother earth,
I am a child.
I am not psychic,
I just see.
I am one extreme visual-spatial woman.
And I am not whole…